Triumph Bonneville T120 edition of Triumph In the News

“Hustling the new 2016 Triumph T120 through blustery ocean breezes somewhere east of Cabo da Roca – the westernmost point of continental Europe – I had to admit: They absolutely nailed it.”

– Andrew Cherney, Rider

 In 1959 Triumph Motorcycles launched the bike that would later be deemed “The Best Motorcycle in the World”, the iconic Bonneville T120. Fifty seven years later, picturesque southwest Portugal set the stage for the moto-world’s reintroduction to the legendary moniker – the all-new 2016 Bonneville T120 and T120 Black. Journalists have been eager to get their hands on the new T120, and with the official press ride now wrapped up, here’s a sampling of what the North American media had to say (click the publication’s name to read the full review):

Rider’s Andrew Cherney:

“In my mind, Triumph had truly captured the classic 1959 look it was aiming for, right down to the sculpted tank, bench saddle, spoke wheels and carburetor-shaped throttle bodies.”

“As I gas it through a big sweeper, the benign burble turns into a meatier rumble… there’s no denying that the torque is always standing ready.”

“The new T120 manages to hit a home run. The four-year top-down redesign manages to balance modern upgrades with careful homage to the retro appeal of the past models. Triumph’s engineers should be proud.”


Rider Magazine Andrew Cherney
Canada Moto Guide’s Costa Mouzouris:

“The finish and attention to detail are beyond reproach. Aside from the faithful reproduction of the classic Bonneville silhouette, it’s the fine touches that grab my attention.”

“Clutch effort is beginner-bike light, and the gearbox is so light I’m sure you could ride the bike barefoot all day and remain blister free, though I wouldn’t recommend it.”

“Being that this is more retro-standard than sport bike, the suspension is tuned for comfort, and comfortable it is. If you decide you want to ride at a peg-scraping pace…the bike remains composed enough to handle it.”

Canada Moto Guide Costa Mouzouris
Cycle World’s Joseph Gustafson:

“If you want to feel like it’s the 60s all over again, only the T120 can give you that nostalgic feeling without any downsides.”

“Put simply, it’s leagues better and a more refined package, and more comfortable all around for urban and light touring duties.”

“There is also significantly more detailing and finishing work. Subtle things like the recessed gauges, the finishing on the engine, the more ‘authentic’ fake carbs that house the dual injectors, make for a higher-caliber, higher-quality look and feel.”

Joseph Gustafson on the T120
Bike EXIF’s Matt Neundorf:     

“Thrumming through the narrow and winding streets between Cascais and Sintra, the blacked-out T120 I’m riding feels like a breath of fresh Atlantic air.”

“It’s relaxed and easy to ride, has an engaging soundtrack and communicates better than any stock Bonnie I’ve ridden before. It’s the perfect way to casually take in the sights.”

“Flick on the heated grips to take the chill out of my paws, and roll on the gas. A smile lines my helmet: The Bonneville is now a truly modern motorcycle.”

Bike EXIF Matt Neundorf
Ultimate Motorcycling’s Nic de Sena:

“Barreling out of the apex is nothing short of euphoric while listening to the sweet sound of the peashooter-styled mufflers hum their low thrum along the roads.”

“Whether you’re putting it down in the twisties or rolling over cobblestone roads that would rattle the fillings out of the heads of riders less fortunate than you, to be aboard a T120 Black, the ride is superb.”

“Triumph has stayed true to what created the brand, paying homage to its own history while realizing that the modern rider, young or old, expects more out of a bike.”

Ultimate Motorcycling Nic de Sena