New Bonneville Family Still Adding Smiles and More


New Bonneville family still adding smiles to testers of all sorts. Cruiser Magazine is head over hills for the Street Twin, the Thruxton R is exciting long term tester from MCN, and the T120 impresses at how well it takes on all challenges. This week, we also have a post apocalyptic Tiger 800 XC and a custom Speed Triple. You may be hard pressed to find to see the Speed Triple in there but there are telltale signs. Then there is some exciting news for TV as well. Norman Reedus, a huge fan of riding, is coming out with a show called “Ride with Norman Reedus”. This is a show that could really help raise awareness of motorcycling in the US. And that is very good news in this guys eyes.


Another week, another stellar review for the new Triumph Street Twin. This one from Motorcycle Cruiser Magazine is so good, we’ll let them take it from here: “I had heard good things about the new Street Twin. I had heard that it was lightweight and nimble, quick and fun. But the experience on this bike brought back a sort of face-stretching, cheek aching smile that I hadn’t known in years…Twenty minutes into my first ride on this bike, I scrapped my afternoon plans and headed to the best canyon I knew.”

Cruiser Magazine Street Twin

“When I first saw a picture of Triumph’s all-new Thruxton R, it was love at first sight. When I found out it was going to be my long-term test bike, I was over the moon!” And so it begins…a beautiful new Triumph Thruxton R has moved into MCN’s long-term test fleet. Look for in-depth updates on the flagship Bonneville in the coming weeks, but as far as first impressions go, we think this one’s pretty good: “My first day with the Thruxton R has been an absolute delight. Now I just can’t wait until tomorrow when I will be back on it. Or shall I go out for a quick ride now?”

Long Term test Thruxton R

Tackling rain, cold, wind, dense fog and some of the most challenging terrain that Australia could offer, Pipeburn set off on an epic journey to assess Triumph’s all-new Bonneville T120 against a variety of challenging conditions. In an incredible bike review that seemingly tested the riders just as much as the bike, the “multitalented” Triumph thoroughly impressed. “To do what we did and come out the other side high-fiving each other says a lot about the bike’s design. In fact, writing this piece and trying to be level-headed about the T120 is almost as challenging as the ride itself. The bike never missed a beat, despite being constantly confronted with challenges.”

T120 Challenge Ride

It’s not every day you come across a fully custom Triumph Tiger 800 XC, but moto gear manufacturer Icon’s internal custom shop is not known for their “every day” creations. Covered in MAXIM, their latest venture is a collection of apocalyptic-inspired builds including this Tiger dubbed the “Dromedarii” – fittingly named after the camel-mounted soldiers of the late Roman Empire. Stripped of body work, with beefed-up suspension, custom rear subframe, donor tank and tail piece, giant Baja-style lights, auxiliary fuel cells and random bits of “armor,” all covered in a putrid shade of pink, it looks ready for Armageddon.

Custom Tiger 800 XC

Save for the telltale single-sided swingarm and rear wheel, you’d be hard pressed to identify this Smoked Garage creation as a Triumph Speed Triple. Starting with a custom frame and tail section, the Bali-based builder then added a front fairing with single headlight, new triple trees and unique Smoked Garage fork sleeves to completely transform the front end. They then wrapped the entire motorcycle in custom aluminium bodywork – the final result more reminiscent of a jet engine on wheels than the original British streetfighter. Check out Return of the Café Racers for more images and build details.

Very Custom Speed Triple

Motoheads have something to look forward to this weekend! Walking Dead megastar Norman Reedus has a new show premiering this Sunday at 10 pm (EDT) on AMC. Previewed in The New York Times, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and Deadline Hollywood, Ride with Norman Reedus follows the actor as he explores motorcycle culture and what he loves about riding. “You’re kind of wide open on a motorcycle. You are aware of everything around you,” says Reedus. “It’s kind of like when you go down the freeway and you see that golden retriever hanging out the window with his tongue sticking out.” Reedus loves Triumphs, currently owns a Scrambler and his “new favorite” bike, a Tiger 800, so expect the British marque to be featured prominently in upcoming episodes.

Ride with Norman Reedus TV Show

Get out there and enjoy the Streets!