Motorcycle Safety and More Bragging


Triumph has done a lot of bragging and for good reason. Their motorcycles are the real deal, giving away lots of smiles on the streets and impressing the pros and the consumers equally. If you haven’t yet gotten yourself a Triumph motorcycle from your friendly local Triumph Motorcycle shop, you should really get to it. This weeks issue is being added to our site nearly a week late because I’ve been busy with other little projects and enjoying the foot traffic here at our shop. So, finally, you can read about the Allstate and Frankie Ballard team doing what they can to increase awareness and motorcycle safety. You can also read about the continuing praise the Triumph motorcycles are receiving. Specifically, the Speed Triple R, the Tiger Explorer, and Daytona 675 R. The custom Rocket III is another part and it’s amazing. Of course, as part of the bragging and making bikes that create as many smiles as possible, there is also the reward that we get from each and every one of you. Record Sales!! THANK YOU ALL!! Without you, there is no reason for us to work hard to do what we do. Now, stop reading, get out there and enjoy the roads!


“On a motorcycle, the engine provides more than just raw power. It contains the bike’s heart and soul and can be more important than the rest of the bike’s technology all together.” When Triumph introduced the revolutionary Daytona 675 back in 2006, praise for the bike’s three-cylinder 675cc mill was universal. It helped propel the Daytona to the top of the supersport class – a place where it has remained firmly entrenched ever since. Now ten years on, MCN names “The six best motorcycle engines of 2016” and among the list is a familiar name – the evolution of the original 675cc triple, now beating in the 2016 Triumph Daytona 675R.

Daytona 675 Praise

When Ultimate Motorcycling set out to assess the capability of the new Triumph Speed Triple R, they certainly did not run short of superlatives: “The latest Speed Triple R packs an impressive punch… a rarefied combination of raw motorcycle experience and technical prowess… the six-speed transmission is succinct, with shifts unfolding effortlessly…the front end of the Speed Triple R is uncanny in its responsiveness…” And in what may be the highest compliment of all for the original bad-boy streetfighter, it manages all this “while retaining the heart and soul of a Hooligan.”

Triumph Speed Triple R

Triumph’s all-new Tiger Explorer XCA stars in a recent review from Motorcycle.com. They love the unique character of the Explorer’s three-cylinder powerplant for delivering “predictable power no matter where the tachometer needle is pointing.” They love the integrated technology, like multiple riding modes, corner-optimized ABS and the Hill Hold Control feature. But they point to the Triumph’s premium suspension components and Semi Active Suspension (TSAS) as the true game changer, transforming the new Explorer into a “state-of-the-art adventure touring motorcycle.”

Triumph Tiger Explorer

After custom motorcycle builder Miklos Salamon crashed his personal Triumph Rocket III, inspiration was born to take his “beloved monster-cruiser to the next level.” The awesome stacked Triumph X75 Hurricane-inspired triple exhaust cans and the stunning gloss black and pearl white paint scheme set the bike apart, but Miklos also wanted to maintain the comfort and long-distance rideability of the original too. With a nicely padded seat, intricate custom luggage rack and hard-mounted GPS unit, this custom “wasn’t built to sit on the showroom floor or tour from show to show. This is a bike that gets ridden. Far and hard.” Check out Motorcycle Cruiser Magazine for all the details.

Custom Triumph Rocket III

Buoyed by the huge success of the Triumph Reborn Tour and the overwhelmingly positive reception of the newly introduced Bonneville family of motorcycles, Triumph Motorcycles and their North American dealer network have been riding a wave of success so far in 2016, to the tune of back-to-back record sales months. As Motorcycle & Powersports News recently reported in a glowing article on the British marque’s recent success, “Triumph became the top selling European brand based upon motorcycle sales in the on-highway and dual-sport categories through the first four months of 2016, a claim confirmed by MIC retail reports.”

Record Sales from new Bonnevilles

Allstate Insurance Company is teaming up with country music superstar and Triumph motorcycle fan Frankie Ballard in an initiative to promote motorcycle safety. Covered in Clutch & Chrome and PR Newswire, Ballard says he’s excited to “to help spread the word about the ‘Guardians of the Ride’ program,” an initiative to recognize outstanding motorcycle safety advocates in the community. Ballard is a die-hard enthusiast himself, who owns and rides a Triumph Bonneville and featured the bike in the video for his hit song “Helluva Life.”

Motorcycle Safety Allstate

Get out there and enjoy the Streets!