Championship Title…Who’s Next?


Championship Title…Who’s Next? The very popular Triumph Street Twin knocking out the opponents in pairs and shows no signs of slowing down. The new Speed Triple impresses more professionals and becomes the official wheelie training motorcycle. Triumph lands two spots out of 5 for favorite customs. Triumph isn’t taking the gloves off for anyone, if you haven’t looked at a Triumph yet, you better start believing it’s time to do so.


Another cover story, another comparison test and another resounding victory for Triumph’s celebrated new Street Twin. The popular entry into Triumph’s all-new Bonneville range of motorcycles has been a smashing success among the world’s motopress, racking up numerous glowing reviews and countless accolades since it’s December launch.

In its July 2016 cover feature, Motorcyclist pits the Street Twin against the Victory Octane, the Harley Davidson Forty-Eight and the Star Bolt C-Spec in a comparison of the top stylish rides for around $10K. The Triumph scores a runaway victory, with author Zack Courts lauding its style, comfort, performance, and superior fit and finish. Here’s what they had to say:

“We think the team at Triumph nailed it – this is simplicity personified.”

“This Trumpet is so clean, classic and easy to look at that we’re not even sure of our favorite part.”

“Fire up the engine and be astonished at how deliciously loud it is, thumping nonchalantly at idle only to snarl away from stoplights enough to leave the Forty-Eight rider embarrassed and in the dust.”

“How you feel in the saddle is where the Street Twin comes through most of all, even considering all of its engineering accolades. This bike is fun to ride. It’s comfortable, handles wonderfully, sounds terrific and otherwise delivers most of the joys of motorcycling that we have come to desire, all for a base price of $8,700 [US].”

“As for amenities, the Street Twin has the other three completely clobbered.”

“What you get is the best motorcycle of this group and almost any group.”

The Champion Street Twin

“The 2016 Speed Triple has taken the British brand to a new high. It’s a bike with true all-round ability, backed by some fine engineering prowess and enhanced by an excellent integration of electronic rider aids,” says Australian outlet MCNews. They took Triumph’s flagship Roadster on a two-day romp across the southern Australian high country and came back with praises like: “…a vast technical improvement… incredibly user friendly…excellent switchable traction control and ABS systems…the gearbox is flawless…a better beast in every single way…” You get the picture.

New Speed Triple

Anthony “Dutch” van Someren, founder of the Bike Shed Motorcycle Club in London, knows a thing or two about custom motorcycles. And when British GQ Magazine asked him to rattle off his five favorite customs from their Paris motorcycle show, he had a pair of striking – albeit very different – Triumphs on the list. The first, an understated T100 from Clutch Custom Motorcycles that strikes “the perfect balance of simplicity and class.” Next, the bold and brash Triumph Factory Custom Scrambler, a bike created as part of a one-off challenge by Triumph’s factory engineers that “schooled a few long term pro builders in how to really build a custom bike.”

2 out of 5 favorite customs

Triumph’s venerable Speed Triple has a longstanding reputation for its ability to loft effortless wheelies thanks to the meaty low rpm torque and linear power delivery of its three-cylinder engine. So what better bike to teach aspiring wheelie monsters? Gear Patrol’s Matt Neundorf gives his account of a day spent at Wheelie University, attempting to achieve “one-wheeled nirvana” on a specially prepared Speed Triple, designed to teach riders the art while minimizing the risk of tossing that beautiful Triumph down the road.

Speed Triple Wheelies

Get out there and enjoy the Streets!