The Past is in the Present


“Its most impressive engineering feat is that it has made nostalgia a reality. This is a love letter to British superbike history, the burbling parallel twin bursting with character, the communicative handling, and the responsive brakes, without the leaks, creaks, and kickstarts of old.”

– Joseph Gustafson, Cycle World

The flagship of Triumph’s exciting new Bonneville family of motorcycles – the all-new Thruxton and Thruxton R – made their official press debut in southwest Portugal two weeks ago and the collective media buzz is still at a fevered pitch. Were the new Thruxtons worth the wait? The reviews were absolutely phenomenal! Here’s what the North American media had to say (click the publication’s name to read the full review):


Motorcycle.com’s Tom Roderick:

“In true sportbike fashion, the Thruxton’s Twin is eager to gain revs, powering out of corners with surprising ferocity.”

As great as the Thruxton’s new levels of performance are, Triumph deserves high-praise for the time and effort spent on every detail, large and small.

If you like what you see in the photos, you’re gonna love what you see in-person. And if you do get a chance to take a test ride, have your deposit ready because you might not want to climb off the Thruxton until it’s parked inside your garage.”  

 Motorcycle.com's Tom Roderick

Cycle World’s Joseph Gustafson:

With a crack of the throttle, my doubts were replaced with giggles as the front wheel went slack with a wee-little power wheelie. The Thruxton R is here to play. What a handshake and first impression.”

“You can easily surprise a poorly ridden sportbike on a Thruxton R, but still want to turn around and look at it every time you turn off the key.”

“I can’t recall a bike that sufficiently nails the target audience with such perfection…The fact is this is the perfect second act for existing owners – the ultimate Thruxton. It has the same affable personality of the previous bike, with all the requisite go fast bits to make it quick enough to be fun and to truly exploit track days.”

Cycle World's Joseph Gustafson

Motorcyclist’s Julia LaPalme:

“Saving the best for last, we finally got to ride the new Thruxton R, and can’t stop smiling.”

“Flicking back and forth through the S-bends near Sintra, Portugal, the Thruxton R remains poised, agile, and eager for more.”

“With the Thruxton and Thruxton R, the Hinckley team has proven that they thought this new Bonneville family through, opening their arms to an even wider scope of riders, merging modern conveniences with beautifully updated classic style. The next question is, which one will you take home?”

 Motorcyclist’s Julia LaPalme

Ultimate Motorcycling’s Nic de Sena:

“Driving out of corners is exquisite on the Thruxton R. Feeling the front end lift when a healthy dose of fuel is mainlined into the twin throttle bodies is beyond invigorating.”

“Ergonomically masterful is the best way to describe the Thruxton R. Unlike most café builds, the Thruxton R is spacious and in no way became taxing to ride. Quite the contrary – after spending several hours on the bike, I experienced no soreness in the least bit.”

“When it comes to the fine minutia of making every component shine in its own unique way. The Thruxton R certainly seems to live up to its slogan of, The Ultimate Café Racer.”

Ultimate Motorcycling's Nic de Sena

Bike EXIF’s Matt Neundorf:

“The riding position is aggressive without being torture, striking a nice balance for street and canyon flogging. And flog it you will.”

“As we blast along the undulating tarmac towards Mafra, the Thruxton feels built to exploit these roads. Toggling from Rain, to Road and then Sport, throttle response quickens perceptibly and my knees rub the flares on the Manx style tank.”

“I can easily say the Thruxton R is the café racer I’ve been trying to build at home – only with a professional’s fit and finish.”

Bike EXIF on Thruxton R

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