“I called this place to talk about buying a motorcycle, and since it was my first new bike, I was on the defensive, and kind of pushy, kind of a jerk, as if I were negotiating with a craigslist buyer instead of a dealership. They refused to hold that against me, and after I understood that there were a line of people that would go in and buy the same bike I wanted If i didn’t purchase it, I realized that Janice and Kelly and the rest of the gang at CMC were the friendliest people you could buy a new Triumph from. I pop in every so often, and am always offered coffee and warm conversation. If you’re going to buy a new motorcycle, buy a Triumph, and buy it from here, they’ll remember your name a year from now, and will be interested in your enjoyment of the bike, not just the money you spend there. I hope CMC stays member of the Portland motorcycle scene for a long time to come”

- Augustus B.

“I stopped in a couple of weeks ago just to look around.  From the moment I arrived they made me feel very comfortable.  Since my visit, I have went by a couple of dealers in the area.  I have to say that no one has giving me the level of customer service that I received here.

While I am not quite ready  to buy one.  Manly because I am a new rider and need to to a few courses before I hit the road.  I can’t possibly seeing going anywhere else to purchase a bike.

Thanks Wayne for taking your time with me.  And next time I will take you up on the cookies and coffee.”

- Eric B.