Playboy, Adventure, and World Records


Playboy, Adventure, and World Records are all in this weeks “Triumph in the News”. Playboy loves the Street Twin as the “most futuristic retro bike” and Popular Mechanics calls it one of the ‘The 10 Best Buys in Motorcycles for 2016’. The re-vamped leader in the Adventure category get’s covered by several magazines. A look back at the world record obtained by Triumph in 1956 and a different type of world record is being attempted on a Bonneville. Thanks for following up with us by reading the news. Look forward to seeing you again next week.


The Triumph Street Twin was included in Playboy’s ‘Five Retro Street Bikes for Beginners’ list. Calling the Street Twin a “blast to ride, even by 2016 standards,” the ABS and traction control will “keep you safe in modern traffic.” Ultimately, they called the bike “the most futuristic retro bike you can ride.”

Street Twin makes it's way into Playboy

As the weekend of July 18 & 19 quickly approaches, launch events surrounding the new Tiger Explorer family were covered by Rider, Motorsports Newswire and Powersports Network. Highlighting the distinctive, adventure themed events, the weekend will provide a hands-on look at the revamped leader in the adventure category.

Adventure Leader Triumph Explorer

The Triumph Street Twin continues to be one of the most talked about bikes of 2016 and was named one of ‘The 10 Best Buys in Motorcycles for 2016’ by Popular Mechanics. Highlighting the fact that the motorcycle received a “full redesign for 2016 with stronger engines and an improved chassis,” the Street Twin is a “perfect canvas for upgrades and personalization.”

Popular Mechanics Street Twin

As the anticipation of Salt Flats season this year, Cycle News went into their archives to pull up a story on the Texas Ceegar that originally appeared in their November, 1956 issue. The article calls the team’s effort a “shoe-string effort” that “eventually resulted in two motorcycle land speed records.” The incredible results, “inspired Triumph to name one of its new motorcycles in honor of the effort.” Check out the full story to get a unique perspective from the time Triumph dominated the Bonneville Salt Flats!

1956 World Speed Record Triumph

Kane Avellano plans to travel around the world in 180 days on his Triumph Bonneville in one impressive charity ride, as covered by the Chronicle Live. It has taken Kane a year of planning and his route is planned to be about 20,000 miles. Kane’s charity of choice for this ride is UNICEF, which works in 190 countries to ensure more of the world’s children are fed, vaccinated, educated and protected. Follow his journey at http://www.bonnietour.com.

Kane Avellano to Circumnavigate globe on Bonneville

Get out there and enjoy the Streets!