Jay Leno, Steve McQueen, and Billy Jack … Good Company


Jay Leno, Steve McQueen, and Billy Jack … Good Company! What do you think these three guys have in common. Yes, of course, Triumph. Watch Jay Leno talk about the love for his Triumph, learn a little more about McQueen and more in this weeks, “Triumph in the News”


Former host of The Tonight Show and famous gearhead Jay Leno has been spending a lot of time in his garage recently, hosting his popular web series Jay Leno’s Garage. In an episode dedicated to his 1964 Triumph Bonneville – a bike he calls “one of the most beautiful motorcycles of all time” – Leno takes an in-depth look at the Bonneville and shares some background on why he fell in love with the bike. It’s definitely worth your time. Leno knows his bikes inside out and provides an entertaining lesson on this classic Bonnie.

Jay Leno's Garage

Praise for Triumph’s new Bonneville T120 continues with Visordown’s recently posted video review. They like the “big wallop” of torque from the 1,200cc engine, the ease of handling, the comfortable ride, the progressive brake feel and the classic styling. “That’s what makes the Bonneville T120 a nice experience – the shiny bits, the beautiful engine, the rubber grips on the side of the tank, the genuine period feel. Above all, it manages to put you in a good mood.”

T120 Review

A collection of classic photos recently appeared on The Vintage News entitled “These 21 images prove that McQueen’s love for motorcycles was legendary.” While there are actually 23 photos and some of the captions appear to be out of order, we won’t argue that the fantastic images beautifully illustrate the King of Cool’s love for motorcycles. McQueen famously claimed he was “a racer first and an actor second,” and although his racing career never quite eclipsed his acting career, this is a great glimpse at his life’s true passion.

Steve McQueen

Morgan Gales of Motorcycle Cruiser magazine posted a brief “walkaround” video of the new Triumph Street Twin, a bike they describe as “an all-around amazing motorcycle…good looking, quick, sounds great, feels raw and light, unintimidating but not boring in the slightest.” Within the video, Gales goes on to sum up what’s truly the most important characteristic of the Street Twin: “Just fun! Just a good all-around retro bike. A lot of fun to be had on this thing!”

Street Twin

It can be a rare occurrence, but when a motorcycle shows up on the silver screen, we motorcyclists sit up and take notice. Whether it’s an out-and-out motorcycle movie or just a quick scene featuring a bike, we all have our favorites. Men’s Journal published their list of “The Essential Motorcycle Movies” and it’s no surprise a few Triumphs are included. Marlon Brando’s Triumph-mounted anti-hero “Johnny” in The Wild One and Steve McQueen’s epic chase in The Great Escape are legendary, but how about Tom Laughlin’s slightly lesser known Triumph-riding hero in the 1971 classic Billy Jack?

Billy Jack

“We didn’t really build this bike for a customer,” says Factory Metal Works owner Lucas Joyner. “It was just an idea I had so we ran with it. This bike catches tons of attention at shows, everyone loves the ‘Cheech and Chong’ style.” There’s not much about this 1966 Triumph 500cc-based chopper that’s not custom, including the double downtube frame, seat, molded tank and fenders, and springer front end. Along with the hand-finned primary and timing covers, seemingly no detail is overlooked. You can see more pictures on Street Chopper.

1966 Custom Bonneville

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